Our Services

Our service is addressed to the producer, or food industry, who through Track4Value digital platform will gain i) full control of his product throughout the production line, ii) certificates of analysis for every critical control point (CCP) of the food supply chain, and iii) authenticity certificate, provided Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (NKUA).

Moreover, a unique digital label will be adopted regarding the nutritional value, food safety and environmental footprint of the product, linked to the individual NUTRI-, SAFE- and GREEN-4Value scores, which are easily accessible to the consumer by scanning a QR code on the product label.

Through Track4Value scorings “sustainability” is being introduced as a trademark of competitive advantage. Another key advantage of the service is the “customized authenticity certification” provided, with authenticity being credited according to need and request (PDO product, Greek product, etc.), thus giving a competitive market advantage.