About Us

Our mission is to create a robust quality assurance and traceability digital system, all the way throughout the food production line, from raw material to the final product.

Dedicated to create an authenticity end-to-end platform, fully complied with EU strategies and practices (e.g. farm-to-fork strategy, green deal), aiming to fill the gap between quality and market needs, highlight products’ uniqueness, and ensure consumers’ protection. Track4Value effort is called upon to answer critical questions of authenticity by creating the bridge link “innovation-technology-value chain-branding”.

The main members and founders of the team are Prof. Nikolaos Thomaidis, Sofia Drakopoulou and Anastasia Kritikou who are chemists, Ph.D. expertized in food authenticity. Along with our supporting team, dedicated to the business strategy and IT development, Track4Value receives full support from the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, the Center for Excellence in Agri-Food & Food Authenticity of NKUA, as well as the main Greek centers of innovation and business.

Nikolaos Thomaidis

Prof. of Analytical Chemistry, NKUA
Scientific Coordinator

Sofia Drakopoulou

Sofia Drakopoulou

Chemist, Ph.D.
Natural Products authenticity

Anastasia Kritikou

Anastasia Kritikou

Chemist, Ph.D.
Food of animal origin authenticity

Track4Value authenticity procedure is ensured using an in-house developed methodology, EU patented (EP22201755.0). 


Our credibility and quality performance is lies upon our specialized technical laboratory staff and state-of-the-art core facility that assure the excellent quality, integrity and reliability of results. Along with Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry joint forces, we count +10 years track record in food authenticity.

Track4Value has been awarded and gained support from both national and European entrepreneurship competitions (TrophyChallenge, EIT Food, OliveChallenge “ΦΙΛΑΙΟΣ”, NKUA Applied Innovation – Archimedes). 

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