Food Authenticity & Traceability

throughout the production line

Track4Value is a spin-off company of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens operating in the field of traceability and food authenticity. As a NKUA spin-off, it creates the bridging link between research and industry, offering innovative services that highlight the added value of products and ensure their quality characteristics. On the side to the producers and consumers, it aims to strengthen the agri-food sector by introducing services fully integrated with the established European policies, such as “farm-to-fork”.

From "Farm-to-Fork" via lab

Authenticity is certified through lab analysis, according to EU 2017/625 framework, to ensure integrity of the agri-food chain. Cutting edge technology and sophisticated authenticity protocols developed by Trace Analysis and Mass Spectrometry – TrAMS group are our research allies towards reliable and high-quality food authenticity assessment.

Our goals:

T4V Goals
For the first time, an authenticity end-to-end platform is introduced to certify products (CE mark), relying on established EU strategies linked to food authenticity. The platform is complied with GDPR and ESG practices, while through the proposed traceability system that incorporates all certifications related to quality control (e.g. ISO, HACCP etc.), a reliable service for transparency and fair treatment is also offered.